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LDS Group USA - Paladin Caseworks.

LaCasse Office



Marvel Systems

Montel Storage Systems


Ofgo Systems

​Paladin Caseworks

Lounge Seating, Casegoods and Tables for Offices

Library Design Systems Has It All 

We have an extensive portfolio of library furniture & library shelving. Traditional library furnishings.  High-density filing and storage. Storage lockers. Industrial racking. 

Desking, Filing & Storage, Tables, Seating, Carts/Lecterns.

LDS Group USA - Integra Seating

Darran Furniture

Dixie Shelving

ERG Furniture

Fleetwood Library Furniture

Furniture Lab




Diversified Woodcrafts
Montel library shelving


Allied School Furniture

Assymble Modular Seating

Balt/Moore Co

BioFit Cafeteria 

COE Office Furniture

Community Seating

Connectrac Access Flooring

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Everything you need to furnish your office. Available on 10-day and BUYBOARD

Seating and Tables for Lobby, Lounge and Offices.

Dixie Shelving, Library Design Systems

Traditional library shelving, tables, chairs and circulation desks.

Montel storage systems
LDS Group USA - Russwood Library Furniture

The Leader in Active Seating

LDS Group USA - Gressco Furniture

Need help with your library move? We can help!

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LDS Group USA - JSI Furniture

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Kore Stool

Library Design Systems is an Authorized Dealer for more than 100 office furniture, shelving, and specialty storage manufacturers.  We have everything you need to complete your project.

Take a look at some more of our manufacturer partners.

Contemporary Collection of Seating, Tables & Sofas.

LDS Group USA - Allermuir
COE Office Furniture

Perpetual Enterprises


PSF Meeting Furniture


Screen Portable Room Dividers

​United Chair

Diversified Woodcrafts

Kore Stool

LDS Group USA - Highpoint Furniture

Watch the new video of the University of Wisconsin - Athletic Department Installation

Library Furniture, Display Furniture and Custom Solutions.

Colorful & Imaginative Furniture For Children's Areas.

Furniture for Science, Arts and Career Preparation Settings

Steel shelving, Rivet shelving and Widespan shelving for Industrial Spaces

Transitional Casegoods, Tables, Seating and Reception.

Montel high density athletic storage

Montel is the premier manufacturer of  Library Shelving, Mobile Shelving & Storage, Mobile Racking, Powered Mobile Shelving, and Sliding Art Racks.



Intensa Lab 

Interior Concepts

JSI Jasper

Kendall Howard

Kewaunee Scientific